Philly Remembers WW2 Vet Runner


Jerry Nolan didn’t start running until he was 50. has posted a touching obituary of World War II Veteran Jerry Nolan.

Surprisingly, Nolan, who said he logged over 3,000 miles of running in his life, didn’t pick up the sport until he was 50. Nolan, who passed away on Sept. 21 at the age of 86, ran marathons into his 70s and even raced shorter-distance events into his 80s.

His running stopped only when he was hit by a car and broke a leg.

During his career has a runner, Nolan ran the Philadelphia Marathon, New York, and Boston.

Nolan also wrote about the sport,  contributing to the Runner’s Gazette. Additionally, he was a member of the Northeast Road Runners Club and was club liaison for the Road Runners Club of America.

Additionally, Nolan was the longest-serving member of the Mid-Atlantic Long Distance Running Committee — only missing four meetings.

“He was the most generous, the most humble man who ever lived,” his niece said. “He worried about everybody but himself. Everybody who met him fell in love with him.”

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