The Tale Of The Knitting Marathoner


David Babcock set an unofficial knitting-while-marathoning record last weekend.

There are a lot of runners who like to multitask, but how about knitting while running a marathon? According to the Kansas City Star, David Babcock did just that at the Kansas City Marathon last weekend.

Babcock is a Graphic Design professor at the University of Central Missouri and also happens to know how to knit while on the run. He was hoping to break Susie Hewer’s word record for the longest scarf knit while completing a marathon.

Hewer set the mark in London with a scarf that measured six feet, nine inches long. Babcock’s scarf blew that mark away, coming in over twelve feet.

The 41-year-old Babcock keeps the yarn he uses in a pack on his waist. Barring one fall when he was first learning how to knit on the run, Babcock hasn’t hurt himself or others with his knitting needles.

“I have a very smooth gait,” he admits.

For More: The Kansas City Star

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