Six Steps To A Revitalizing Juice Cleanse

Fasting gives your organs a break from all the work they do to digest foods and provides a variety of health benefits. 

Shifting gears during down period away from serious training is one of the most important things athletes can do in their training to ensure improvement in performance each year. Every off-season is an opportunity to put your training and racing into perspective, and explore new ways to give yourself a competitive edge.

While an off-season makeover could involve training at a different intensity or incorporating a new gadget, what if that makeover meant not doing anything at all?

Juice fasts have become widely known in the fitness arena as a reset button, more popularly as a method of weight loss or a way to rid the body of metabolic waste and impurities from the foods we eat. While endurance athletes may shiver at the thought of completely cutting out the foods they use for fuel and energy, it may be worth the effort for the positive effects experts say have on performance.

Fasting gives your organs a break from all the work they do to digest foods, which results in elimination of toxins, an improvement in immunity and insulin sensitivity, and repair and healing of damage done during the previous competitive season.

However, there are several key steps to keep in mind before jumping into a juice cleanse. Sports dietitian Tara Gidus and North Carolina-based strength and conditioning specialist Derek Miller give six rules to follow:

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