What Runners Can Learn From Bodybuilders

Whey Protein: Restarting The Anabolic Process

Even if you’re taking casein protein before bed, you’ll still have some muscle breakdown when you wake up — one serving of casein protein can’t halt muscle breakdown for 7-9 hours on its own. Therefore, you need to halt the catabolic process as soon as possible, which means consuming a quick-digesting protein.

Again, thanks to the help of our bodybuilder brethren, we know that whey is the fastest digesting form of protein. Like casein, whey is also a protein derived from milk, and is ideal for releasing a quick dose of amino acids and proteins to starving muscles.

Drinking a shake that contains whey protein causes an increase in blood amino acids levels in under an hour, hitting peak levels in just under 90 minutes. I recommend consuming a serving of whey protein in the morning to stop catabolism and keep your body on its muscle building trajectory. Likewise, whey is also the form of protein most commonly used in recovery drinks and shakes because of it is absorbed by the body so quickly.

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