Whole Food vs. Sports Drinks, Bars And Chews

  • By Matt Fitzgerald
  • Published Oct. 18, 2013
Sometimes, regular old bananas are all endurance athletes need to give them fuel for a race. Photo:

Raisins vs. Energy Chews

An even newer study, published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition in June, pitted raisins (get it?) against energy chews. Eleven male runners were required to run on a treadmill at a moderate intensity for 80 minutes and then complete a 5K time trial. (Brutal!) The protocol was repeated on three separate occasions (even more brutal!) with subjects ingesting either raisins, energy chews, or water during each.

In this case, the average times in the 5K time trial were almost identical in the raisin and energy chew trials and significantly faster than in the water trial.

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