6 Myths About Recovery, Busted

Myth 1: I Don’t Really Need All The Recovery Days My Coach Gives Me

Truth: Sure, tough workouts that leave you fatigued are essential to hitting your goals. But so are days and weeks when you’re not doing that. “You dig the hole, and that’s OK,” says Sands. “But you have to fill the hole and then make a hill to improve your performance. The worst thing you can do is dig a hole and keep on digging. If you don’t rest properly, you can sabotage your training.”

“It’s easy for athletes to think that if they’re going hard, they’re getting fitter. That’s not true,” says Matthew Weatherley-White, co-founder of a popular-among-pros online tool called Restwise that helps athletes know how recovered they are. “Hard work creates the conditions for physiological adaptations. And adaptation happens during recovery. If you don’t hit the best stress-to-recovery balance, you’re not optimizing your training.”

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