Four Approaches To Cross-Training For Runners

Maximalist Cross-Training

Maximalist cross-training is a programmatic heavy reliance on cross-training in the absence of injury. The typical maximalist cross-trainer does one cross-training workout for every run he or she does. This approach is a good one for injury-prone runners who are determined to get as fit as they can despite their fragility.

Two-time Olympian Meb Keflezighi has been a maximalist cross-trainer at times. He swam and biked as often as he ran, for example, while training for the 2004 New York City Marathon, in which he finished second. A growing number of highly competitive runners—particularly masters runners—are using ElliptiGO bikes in a maximalist approach to cross-training. One of them is Brian Pilcher, who set a national record of 16:05 for 5,000 meters in the men’s 55-59 age group this spring.

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