Lessons Learned From Ryan Hall’s NYC Marathon Withdrawal

Don’t Train For The Same Race All The Time

Ryan Hall has neglected to focus on events outside the marathon for nearly three years. Sure, he runs the token half marathon as a tune-up or marathon-paced workout, but he hasn’t focused on developing his speed, efficiency or other energy systems in a long time.

Compare this to some of the other notable American marathoners like Kara Goucher, Dathan Ritzhenhein, Shalane Flanagan, and Desi Davila. All three spent time focusing on shorter events like the 5k and 10k between marathons. This speed development was more than just a few workouts, they raced full track seasons. The result for all three have been consistent (as consistent as one can get in the marathon) performances.

Your Takeaway
Stop training for the same race distance month after month, year after year. Develop a long-term plan that challenges all your systems, provides new stimulus for your body to adapt to, and helps take the strain off running the same event over and over. You’ll stay healthier and run faster.

This article was in no way meant to disrespect Ryan Hall. As you can tell, he is more like you and I than most runners think. He has the same fears, struggles and faces the same challenges we do. Learn from his mistakes to help make yourself a better runner.

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