Maintaining Your Speed During Marathon Training

Putting It All Together

Now that you’ve seen three highly effective ways to maintain speed without compromising your marathon training, how does it all come together within a training plan?

Here’s a very simple marathon base training week that includes the aforementioned workouts. This sample is designed for someone who runs 6 days per week, but you can modify it to fit your own fitness level:

Monday Easy run with strides
Tuesday Steady effort with explosive hill sprints
Wednesday Easy run with strides
Thursday Tempo run
Friday Off day
Saturday Easy run with explosive hill sprints
Sunday Long run with surges

This schedule doesn’t appear to include much “speed” work, but it sneakily adds up on you. All combined, this schedule can include up to two miles of work at your top end speed (strides and hill sprints) and close to two miles at your 3K or VO2max pace (long run surges).

By including these elements in your marathon buildup this summer you can still target your training to your goal marathon while still running well at shorter distances and maintaining your speed.

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