Three Misconceptions About Minimalist Footwear

Let’s debunk three of the most common misconceptions.

It’s a natural tendency in our society to try and simplify complex training ideas and topics into one-size-fits-all recommendations. Even the most knowledgeable of athletes can’t resist headlines that claim to have found the “hack” or the “secret” to better training. I think it might be ingrained in our DNA.

This tendency has now made its way into how many runners view running shoes. Specifically, many runners have been led to believe that switching to a minimalist shoe will automatically improve their form, reduce injury, and make them a more efficient runner.

Minimalist footwear has become the one-size-fits-all “hack” to running with better form.

Unfortunately, this just isn’t true. That’s not to say footwear plays no role in your current running mechanics or how you approach improving your form, but they are not a panacea. Footwear is simply one of the many tools in your repertoire to improving mechanics and reducing injury.

Here are three common misconceptions about the role of footwear when it comes to changing running form and a more thoughtful approach to how they can help.

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