Marathon Training: Run, Eat, Hydrate, Run

Practicing your nutrition and hydration strategy is just as important as getting in the miles.

The main focus for many runners training for a marathon is logging mileage, especially long runs. Runners understand that the success or failure of a marathon race will predominantly be determined by how well they’ve trained. However, many runners often overlook that nailing your nutrition and hydration during the race itself is a significant component to success and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Learning how to drink water without choking while maintaining race pace is definitely an acquired skill. And, unless you’re Allen Iverson, we all need to practice if we want to be our best when it counts.

In this article, we’re going to explain why it’s critical that you spend the time to practice your race day nutrition strategy and also outline some specific, actionable steps you can take to ensure that you’re ready on race day.

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