Rise And Run: How To Become A Morning Runner

Expose Yourself To Natural Light

“The most effective way to switch [from night owl to morning person] is by using light exposure or light therapy,” Marks says. “This is especially true for people who have a tendency to stay up late and not feel tired.” She suggests flooding your room with natural light as soon as you wake up if the sun is out. “Early morning light exposure can help shift your body clock so you are more alert early in the morning and you follow the pattern of getting tired early in the evening,” explains Marks. “Sunlight can do this”

However, if you are waking up before the sun or live in a climate that doesn’t see the sun as often, using a light box offers similar light exposure that will help make you more alert and successfully shift your sleep schedule. Marks recommends light boxes such as the Lite Book and the Phillips Go Lyte. “[Lite boxes] can be very effective in changing your body rhythm so you can wake up naturally on your own,” she says. “Lite boxes trigger our brain for the sleep/wake schedule.” Just 15 to 20 minutes of exposure upon waking up can help make you more alert and ready to run.

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