Time Off After A Marathon Or Keep On Running?


Take more time to recover if …

- You’re still experiencing lingering soreness or swelling from your race.

- You tend to get dehydrated or can’t maintain your normal appetite.

- You feel fatigued during an easy 20- to 30-minute run or other light bouts of exercise.

- You’re feeling run-down and are experiencing restless sleep patterns.

- You feel mentally out of it from time to time or have negative thoughts about running.

It’s OK to start training again if …

- Your legs feel fresh and are full of snap, especially after cross-training or walking.

- You’re not experiencing any residual soreness or fatigue.

- You’re well-rested and feeling eager to get started again.

- You have a normal appetite and aren’t experiencing signs of dehydration.

-  You have a good mental outlook about getting back into harder or higher-volume training weeks.

This piece first appeared in the November 2012 issue of Competitor magazine. 

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