Training Logs Are Not Always What They Appear To Be

Degrees Of Freedom

What clearly emerges from these and other runners’ experiences is that while getting in a planned set of workouts over a given time frame is clearly desirable (assume a reasonable plan in the first place), it’s not vital to make every week resemble what’s on your template. For example, if you have a half dozen workouts planned in a three-week period, all that matters is getting them in within that stretch while allowing enough recovery to ensure their effectiveness. While this may seem like common sense, most runners who follow schedules tend to be very meticulous and details-oriented, and the flip side of this asset is fretting over matters in a way that can only be termed pathological micromanagement.

So emulate the greats to your heart’s content, but bear in mind exactly what makes them great, which — appearances notwithstanding — is not a rigid adherence to a planned regimen.

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