Workout Of The Week: Tempo Trials

The Mental Side

Lize Brittin, a two-time qualifier for the Foot Locker (then Kinney) National Cross Country Championship and former course record holder at the Pike’s Peak Ascent, highlights the distinction between a tempo run and a time trial and clarifies how she brings them together. “If I’m just doing a tempo run, I’ll usually stick to trails and go mostly by heart rate,” she says. “In a time trial I’m going so close to all-out that I hear that ‘don’t let up’ voice that’s there in an actual race, which is good for developing toughness.” Sometimes, she’ll combine these by running a cross-country course at a conservative, tempo effort for the first mile or so and then picking it up to something just short of all-out for the remainder. The result yields, for example, a three- to five-mile time about 10 seconds a mile short of what a race would produce.

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