The Four Biggest Problem Areas For Runners

Problem Area: The Hips

“Weak adductors and abductors affect the whole body!” explains Brad Hudson, coach and founder of Hudson Training Systems. “By having these strong it affects proper running alignment…you can get overuse injuries all over when these are weak or not firing correctly.”

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Exercises For Improving Hip Strength And Mobility

  • Clams: Lie on your right side, legs stacked, with knees slightly bent; lift your left leg up to 60-degrees and lower. Do a set of ten for both sides.
  • Adductor leg circles: Lie on your left side, hips stacked with heels together but toes pointed in a V; this opens your hips up. Lift your left leg up, keeping both feet held in the half-V shape, and slowly draw a circle in the air with your toes. Do 10 circles clock-wise and 10 counter-clockwise. Repeat with right side.
  • Abductor leg raises: Lie on your right side with your legs slightly apart so that you may lift your right leg straight up. Start with a set of 10, building up to three, for both legs.

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