A New Take On Running: Backward Running


Backward running, also known as reverse running, retro running or retro locomotion, sounds like an accident waiting to happen. Turns out, though, this new take on running has several health and fitness benefits and is increasingly becoming popular in the UK. In fact there’s already been four UK Backward Run 1 mile races in Heaton Park, Manchester. Interested in trying a backward running race sometime? Check out their website and promotional video below:


Apparently, you can run just as fast backwards as you can forwards.


And to top it off: why not combine backward running and joggling. Backward joggling. Unbelievable.


According to ABC news, Joe Salter, the backward joggler, backward joggled the entire Quad Cities Marathon in Illinois in 5 hours and 51 minutes. Because running 26.2 miles “normally” is not enough anymore.


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