Running Memes: Mo Farah Running Away From Things


On August 4th, during the 2012 Olympic Games in London, Mo Farah won the the gold medal in the 10,000m race with a time of 27:30:42. On August 11th, he took home a second gold medal for the 5,000m race, becoming one of the few to accomplish this feat. As Mo Farah crossed the finish line of the 5,000m, he wore an expression of complete shock and joy (as pictured above). Since then, this picture of Mo crossing the finish line has been inserted into other pictures, creating the internet sensation “Mo Farah Running Away From Things” meme.

Here are a few favorites:


Mo about to be taken down by The Rock.


This photo is strange as it is, but Mo really gets the message across: Run if there is a gigantic cat eating your chandelier!


Mo stealing the show in Ridiculously Photogenic Guy’s meme.

A video compilation of Mo Farah running away from things! Oh boy!

For more Mo Farah Running Away From Things, follow this tumblr site dedicated to the Olympic champion.


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