Super-Fast WildCat Robot Runs On The Loose


Behold WildCat, a terrifying glimpse into a future of the robotic takeover. This mechanical four-legged beast invented by Boston Dynamics and funded by the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) has the ability to run in the real world at speeds up to 16mph. Designed for military use, WildCat is a successor of its prototype, Cheetah, a robot that can run faster than Usain Bolt at 28.3mph. The difference between WildCat and Cheetah? WildCat can literally run anywhere whereas Cheetah is tethered to a treadmill. Be very, very afraid as you watch these videos and imagine WildCat chase you down.
It looks harmless …
Until it’s set loose! Remember, it has a motor and can run who knows how long, unlike us humans. Perhaps, this has been the true ultimate purpose of our marathon training: the robot-take-over-apocalypse. Someone must have tipped off the ultra-marathoners.


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Second-guessing the possibility of  Sci-Fi films such as The Terminator? Arnold was right, they’ll be back …

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