Thursday Top 6: Funniest Pets on Treadmills

Not a fan of the treadmill? Perhaps the house pet will make good use of it instead. We’ve compiled six hilarious videos of animals on or intrigued by the treadmill.

One of these felines is struggling to get all four paws onto the treadmill. Work those kitty biceps!

When especially unmotivated to run, we are all Snowball and Pepper … the treadmill is not our friend.

Need to run and play fetch with the dogs? Learn from this lady, she does both at the same time.

Not the average pet, but scientists have found that for food, shrimp can jog up to 66 feet per minute and run for three hours before needing a rest. Looks like we have something in common with our crustacean friends: food always motivates.

Not sure if this is considered animal cruelty or pure laziness.

Awww … this last one is just cute.

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