Autistic Twins Make Parents Proud In New York


They both ran Boston earlier this year.

With all the focus on the top runners from Kenya at Sunday’s New York City Marathon, a pair of competitors may have been overlooked: Alex and Jamie Schneider.

According to ABC News, the Schneider brothers — who are identical twins — are severely autistic.

“In the spectrum, they’re at the very bottom. Both of them are non-verbal,” said their mother, Robyn. “[Running] is our number one main activity as a family. Everything else kind of comes second.”

The boys took up running after their father noticed how much they enjoyed when he chased them around.

“We actually found out about a club that offered volunteers to run with individuals with disabilities,” Robyn admitted. “They said, ‘These guys are amazing.’”

Both boys run with the assistance of a guide. Yesterday, in New York City, they ran for the Association for Science in Autism Treatment to raise money and awareness for the non-profit dedicated to the education and care of people with autism.

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