Fewer Track Athletes To Compete At 2016 Olympics

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A cap of 2,000 competitors will be enforced in 2016 — down more than 200 from the London Games.

According to a report posted on Inside the Games, the number of track and field athletes who will be competing at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro will be less than the 2012 Games in London.

The London Games hosted a record 2,231 track and field competitors. But the IOC will now cap that number to 2,000.

Apparently, track and field will be the only venue at Rio that will receive a cut.

“It is no problem for us and this has been done in consultation with us and with our full support,” said IAAF deputy general secretary Nick Davies “London was an aberration as the AAF has always accepted 2,000 as our Olympic quota.”

Despite Davies’ acknowledgment, the reduction may send signals that track and field’s status in the Olympics is being diminished compared to other highly popular venues such as gymnastics or swimming.

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