Japanese Match-Making On The Run

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Runners are given over an hour to find their soulmate.

If you’re single and looking for love, then perhaps consider booking a trip to Japan. Jun Hongo of The Japan Times has recently written what it’s like to take part in a “Jogging-kon,” which is a way for singles to meet through running.

The way it works is that participants are asked to form a line according to gender and run a 5K route around the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. The participants take turns talking with each other during the circuit.

Each pair is given 8 minutes to talk before they must move on to another runner.

After covering the 5K in about an hour, the members cast votes.

“The participants are then told to write down the names of three people they met over the evening that they liked,” Hongo writes. “The ballots are then turned in.”

In the group that Hongo participated in, there were five successful matches.

For More: The Japan Times

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