Man Completes Ultra Marathon in $2 Sandals


He covered the 160K distance with three pairs of slim rubber flip-flops.

Andrew Fifita-Lamb has made a point concerning minimalism.

The 48-year-old runner recently completed the grueling, 160K Round-the-Mountain Relay event in New Zealand while wearing simple $2 sandals.

“The main reason I did the run was to inspire people,” Fifita-Lamb said of his solo feat. “And to let people know you don’t need to have flash gear to achieve your dream.”

Fifita-Lamb created his footwear using, in his words, “basically the gear that I make is from an old pair of gumboots that could have been thrown in the rubbish.”

“I used to have a quite a few pairs [of running shoes] but what I noticed during my training for the ultra-marathon when they run up to 40 or 50 kilometres my knees get quite sore,” he says. “Someone suggested I try running bare feet. I did that for a couple of months, but then found that the soles of my feet were wearing thin.”

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