Once An Astronaut, Always A Runner

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Mike McCulley plays a vital role in the annual Space Coast Marathon.

He’s flown the Space Shuttle and has logged more than 5,000 hours on more than 50 different types of aircraft, and throughout that impressive career Mike McCulley has been doing one thing: running.

McCulley, who lives in Florida, will be one of the guest speakers at the 42nd edition of the Space Coast Marathon this weekend.

“I’ve always been a runner, and about 10 years ago, my oldest daughter, who is 40 years old now, called my second-oldest daughter and I and said, ‘Guess what we’re going to do? A half marathon in Houston.’” he said. “After that I thought I might just as well do a full marathon. So in 2003 I did my first full marathon.”

Running Zone c0-owner and race organizer Denise Piercy can’t say enough good things about McCulley.

“He just means so much to the race, so much to what we are trying to accomplish,” she said. “He is a volunteer in the true sense of the word.”

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