Report: New Steroid Test Reveals Hundreds Of New Positives

The long-term metabolites method can detect steroids that were taken more than six months prior.

A new drug testing method has unveiled hundreds of steroid positives, according to a German television program and reported by The Telegraph.

The report claims hundreds of urine tests came back positive for one of two steroids: Oral-Turinabol and stanozolol. The former was used by the East Germans during the 1970s and 1980s, while the latter was the drug Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson tested positive for at the 1988 Olympics.

All of the alleged positives were from tests this year that previously came back negative. The new testing method, according to the International Olympic Committee, is now being used on samples from the 2006 Winter Olympics.

None of the athletes linked to the tests have been named, but two athletes — Ukrainian javelin thrower Roman Avramenko and Turkmenistan sprinter Yelena Ryabova — turned in positive tests for Oral-Turinabol at the IAAF World Championships in Moscow over the summer.

The new test is called the long-term metabolites method, and it can detect steroids that were taken more than six months prior.

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