Willis Contemplates Tackling Marathon

Nick Willis may run the marathon after 2016. Photo: www.photorun.net

He paced a friend for 18 miles in New York a day after winning the Dash to the Finish Line 5K.

Nick Willis, one of the world’s best middle-distance runners, was recently on the streets of New York City. Besides winning the NYRR Dash to the Finish 5K two weeks ago, Willis decided to help out a friend in the marathon with pacing.

The New Zealand runner accompanied 43-year-old Piergiorgio Conti to the 18-mile mark. Conti went on to finish in 2:33:17.

Conti is Willis’ friend and had wanted to run under 2:30 in New York.

“I probably ran a little too fast at first,” Willis admitted of the first 5K that went out in 17:19. The two made it through mile 18 in 1:41:21.

Willis will next head to Japan later this month to take part in the Chiba Ekiden relay.

After the 2016 Olympics, he may move up to the marathon. “Oh, most definitely it [pacing in NYC] gave me a glimmer of wanting to do a proper one,” Willis said.

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