Balancing PH Levels In Your Body

Get your PH levels in the right range and keep your biochemical balance in check. 

Athletes—whether distance runners, Crossfitters, triathletes or otherwise all-around competitors—need the right nutrients to fuel their training and stay healthy. But there’s more involved than eating a healthful meat-veggie-carb-fat mix.

To use that fuel in the most efficient way, athletes should strive for a neutral internal pH, says Nicole Kuhl, a certified clinical nutritionist at Life Span Medicine in Santa Monica, Calif. When in a state of biochemical balance, they will perform optimally, have prolonged stamina and strength, and enjoy better overall health.

“Your pH most determines your biochemical balance,” Kuhl explained. “An athlete’s goal should be to get his or her biochemistry as balanced as possible because when that happens, you have metabolic efficiency. That’s what every competitor wants. If your pH isn’t in the right range, your metabolic processes can’t fire right.”

So how do you balance your pH? By being mindful of what you put in your mouth.

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