The Everyman: What Are You Thankful For?

The running community displayed courage and solidarity after the Boston Marathon bombings. Photo:

He lists turkey trots and the running community — but not winter weather.

The Everyman is gearing up for his turkey trot and subsequent turkey feast. As an endurance athlete, here’s what’s he’s thankful for:

Good Gear

These days, running clothes are more high-tech than my computer. There’s breathable fabrics, jerseys that wick away moisture, and arm warmers that keep us at just the right temperature. It all adds up to being able to enjoy running, cycling and any other outdoor activity year-round. Now if only someone could design a machine to make our legs move faster.

Turkey Trots

It’s true that the annual pre-turkey-dinner races are packed with people who run one race a year (this one), but competing in one is still a good experience. Most of us are not training for anything at the moment so our local 5K or 10K is a good way to get out and do something. And dodging dogs and strollers along the way builds some agility.

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The Running Community

Being a Massachusetts native who attended the Boston Marathon every year as a kid, I was deeply affected by what happened at this year’s race. But the strength the running community displayed played a big role in helping me come to terms with the tragedy. From charity runs to other races paying respects to the victims of the bombing, it was all very moving and motivating. Boston Strong.


I wrote about this last week, but it bears repeating: Having a coach pays off in a big way come race day. Whether you attend a group running clinic or invest in a personal coach, your times will drop. Either method is worth the time and money.

Warm Weather

I’m no fan of winter, so running when the temperature plummets is not my favorite thing to do. Heading out for a training run this time of year makes me appreciate one thing in particular: the summer heat. It’s a tough call whether I’d want to run 10 miles in 90-degree heat or 10 miles in 25-degree, frigid conditions, but I’d go with the former. The days of cold temperatures and limited sunlight make me yearn for what we had a few short months ago.

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