5 Reasons To Hire A Running Coach

The benefits are plentiful when it comes to having someone guide your running.

“Everybody knows how to run. Why would you need a running coach? That’s the silliest thing ever,” quipped my 9-year-old son when I told him I recently met one.

He had a point. Everybody knows how to run, right? We all did it when we were little and it was super fun and easy. Fast-forward a few decades and even though the memory of effortless running may still be sweet, one thing is certain — it’s not effortless — fun, but not effortless.

So why would you hire a running coach? Just as there are many types of runners, there are many reasons to hire a running coach. “My responsibility as a coach is to orchestrate your training plan in such a way that I optimize your performance and simultaneously minimize your injury risk,” says Janet Hamilton MA, RCEP, CSCS, ACSM-registered clinical exercise physiologist, and running coach at runningstrong.com in Stockbridge, Ga.

Running coaches aren’t just for experienced runners.

“They are for all levels of runners,” says Sean Coster, running coach and exercise physiologist at Complete Running LLC in Portland, Ore.

“If you are fit or fat, if you’re a beginner or experienced, everybody can gain something from a good coach,” Hamilton says.

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