5 Reasons To Hire A Running Coach

Provide Motivation And Support

Hamilton calls it the voice of reason. Knowing when a client shouldn’t sign up for a race — you know the type. He just ran a marathon a week ago and he wants to race the next weekend. “You need to hold back right now,” says Hamilton. “I know you feel like a million bucks right now, but you really need recovery time.”

Knowing when to rein them in and help them understand that recovery and rest are part of training. “It’s not during the workout that you are getting stronger. You are weaker at the end of the workout than when you started,” explains Hamilton. “During recovery your body is hard at work building new muscle fibers and building new mitochondria and adding blood volume and aerobic enzymes; building all the infrastructure to support what you are trying to do.”

People are going to push themselves, but a good coach will provide the best guidance for a bad plan. This includes offering encouragement to a new runner nervous about his first 5K and dreading he may be “last,” but reminding him the work is done. He’s ready and helping him choose the right gear for race day. Or during marathon taper when runners tend to get anxious and edgy, fearing they will lose fitness. Your coach will offer safe workouts to keep you sharp and fit without impairing the taper phase.

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