Advance Your Fitness With Progression Runs

Easy Progression Runs

These are often run without even being aware of it. On a recovery run the day after a hard workout or long run, most runners tend to start out slower than they ordinarily would because of lingering fatigue and possibly some soreness, and that’s a good thing. Aside from allowing the body to warm up, starting slow and then increasing your pace a notch on a recovery or easy maintenance run can also boost the aerobic system and aid active recovery. A slight progression during the second half of a recovery run can help flush lactic acid out of your legs and add a little more zip into what might normally be a slow, lethargic run.

When: Twice a week, when appropriate.

How: Run 15-30 minutes at a very slow pace on flat or slightly rolling terrain, followed by the same duration at a slightly faster (but still very easy) pace on the same type of terrain. In short: run slowly overall, but start out very slow.

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