Advance Your Fitness With Progression Runs

Threshold Progression Sets

These types of workouts will help boost your race-day fitness thresholds by running hard for relatively short distances at speeds faster than race pace with short rest.

When: Once every few weeks during a marathon race buildup. 

How: After a thorough warm-up, run 3 x 3-mile repeats, running the first mile of the three-mile segment at marathon pace followed by a one-minute jog. Run the second mile at half-marathon pace followed by a one-minute jog, and run the final mile at 10K race pace. Jog easily for three minutes after the set, then repeat the set twice more at the same pace.

This article first appeared in the July 2012 issue of Competitor magazine. 


About The Author: 

A former 2:13 marathoner, Brad Hudson is the head coach of Hudson Training Systems in Boulder, Colorado. 

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