Don’t Shun The Run-Walk Method

How To Transition

Transitioning off a run/walk is pretty simple. Slowly increase your run to walk ratio each week while keeping the total time exercising the same.

For example, if you’re comfortable run/walking at a ratio of 6 to 4 (6 minutes running, 4 minutes walking), you can transition to 7 to 3 (7 minutes running, 3 minutes walking). Once this feels comfortable, you can increase to 8 and 2 or 8 and 3, whichever feels more comfortable.

Once you’re comfortable in the 8 -to 9-minute run and 1- to 2-minute walk ratio, the next step is to break your run into larger run/walk segments, such as 20-minute run, 2-minute walk. This is a transitional step to prevent injury so you don’t immediately go from run/walk to 60 minutes of running.

I also recommend keeping one longer run at a run/walk for three to four weeks as you transition to running only. This will enable you to increase your long run distance and tolerance without placing additional stress on your structural system (muscle, ligaments, tendons and bones).

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