How Much Should You Run?

How Many Days Per Week Should I Run?

Likewise, the number of days you should be running is a completely individual question. There is no right or wrong answer. But you can use your knowledge of your personal preferences and training history to make the best decision for your training.

Benefits Of Adding Days Per Week
Running a greater number of days per week helps you spread out your mileage. This can make it easier to increase your miles per week since each individual day is less mileage. This can sometimes facilitate better recovery since with less mileage on easy days, you fatigue your muscles less while increasing the number of times you deliver oxygen-rich blood to working muscles.

Downside Of Running More Days Per Week
However, adding more days per week to your running schedule can often make it feel like you’re running all the time. If you have a tight schedule or enjoy activities outside running, this can make training feel like a burden and lead to burnout. Moreover, if you’re an injury-prone runner, running more times throughout the week offers less opportunity for the muscles and ligaments to fully recover and could increase your injury risk.

Most importantly, adding more days to your “running training” doesn’t mean you have to simply run. You can make yourself a stronger, more injury-resistant runner by performing running-specific strength training or including active-stretching and foam rolling.

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The best answer is to analyze your current training, goals, and personal preferences to determine what is optimal for you. Like finding the optimal mileage, slowly experiment with adding or subtracting running days and measure the impact it has on your performance and enjoyment of the sport.

Hopefully this article helped provide the knowledge and insight you need to make the right decision for you about mileage and training days. Most importantly, always remember to listen to your body, keep your individual circumstances in mind, and ignore any advice espousing there is only one way to train.

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