How Running Is Like Baseball

Learn how to incorporate America’s pastime into your running life.

One way to help beginner runners and stubborn veterans grasp important training theories is to use analogies or relate running to other sports they better understand or played as kids.

An aspect of training that many runners find difficult to comprehend is how the training plan fits together as a puzzle and how each workout slowly progresses you towards an ultimate goal. Most runners approach a workout as an isolated session and don’t realize, or often forget, that it’s also influenced by previous runs and impacts upcoming runs.

This training concept runs counter to what we’re taught in most other sports, where giving 100 percent effort in every training session is idolized. As such, to help you better understand how the pieces of a training plan come together and why trying to crush every workout isn’t ideal, I am going to relate running with baseball — a game where consistency and patience are also critical to success.

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