Live Like A Clock: How Routine Aids Performance

Improved Consistency

Perhaps the most critical factor to improving your running, both for your upcoming goal race and for the long term, is consistency. The longer you can string together successful workouts without interruption, the more you increase your chances of success at your upcoming races. An established routine helps you better schedule workouts and makes you less prone to missing them.

Running 101: Consistency And Variety

Dedicating yourself to a routine not only acclimatizes the mind and body to running hard at a certain time, but it also transforms how you think about, and schedule, your week. A routine will instinctively condition your mind and body, as well as your family, friends and co-workers, to know that the morning or evening, Tuesday, Saturday or some other day, is when you do your hardest workout. While it may be difficult to adjust to at first, you’ll soon find you, your family, and co-workers scheduling around your toughest workout(s) of the week, which they know is set in stone.

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