Live Like A Clock: How Routine Aids Performance

Healthier Eating Habits

Finally, developing a routine leads to better eating habits and reduces the risk of bathroom breaks or cramps ruining your workouts. When you run at the same time each day, you can accurately predict when you’ll be hungry and provide yourself with healthy food choices. When your frequently change the time of day you run, your metabolism shifts and you don’t always know when hunger will strike. This is when you succumb to the easy-to-reach donut or convenient drive-thru window.

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Likewise, scheduling your runs at the same time each day enables you to develop an eating schedule that provides the fuel you need to train hard, yet won’t turn your stomach upside down. Furthermore, after a few weeks on a consistent routine, you’ll find yourself going to the bathroom at almost the same time each day, which drastically reduces the chance of mid-run stops.

Developing and sticking to a routine isn’t an easy task. It requires dedication and persistence, but if you’re looking for that extra edge in your training or you desperately need to find a way to be more consistent as you begin running, living like a clock is the best place to start.

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