Everything You Need To Know About Running In 14 Words

Four-time Boston Marathon champion Bill Rodgers knows a thing or two about running. Photo: www.photorun.net

Keep It Fun

Enjoyment is hugely important in running. Not only is enjoyment enjoyable, but it also yields better results. In Marathoning, Bill Rodgers states his conviction that the two keys to success in marathoning are heredity and motivation. You can’t control heredity, but you can control motivation. The more you enjoy your running, the more motivated you will be to work hard at it and the more you’ll get out of it. You should not be afraid to make training decisions based on how they affect your enjoyment of the sport, putting this consideration even ahead of the physical effects of your workouts.

Rodgers did. Throughout the prime years of 1975 to 1979 that are the focus of his book, Rodgers did much of his running on cross-country courses, varying his pace as he pleased, without any kind of plan. He did so because it was fun and it reminded him of when he used to run around rural Connecticut chasing butterflies as a child.

Here we come full circle. “Running has become too complicated for many people,” Rodgers writes on the point of enjoyment in running, “and they wind up turning sour on the sport, or losing the focus of their direction.

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Remember: 14 words.


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