Four Eating Habits That Reduce Injury Risk

Use these performance nutrition tips to stay healthy.

When you think of ways to prevent the kinds of overuse injuries that commonly affect those who regularly participate in run training—such as runner’s knee or plantar fasciitis—you probably don’t think about nutrition. It’s true that proper nutrition can do little to prevent injuries caused by factors such as overtraining or wearing the wrong type of running shoes. But specific eating habits can be an effective part of a comprehensive injury-prevention strategy that includes such measures as getting adequate muscle recovery and using the right equipment.

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After all, your diet creates the building blocks of your body structure. Just as a well-built house is more likely to survive an earthquake, a properly nourished body is better able to withstand, say, a rigorous half-marathon training plan. That said, here are four specific eating habits that will help you reduce your risk of injury.

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