Solving The Injury-Prevention Puzzle

Piece these solutions together to overcome your own chronic injury issues. 

In March 2006 I finished a marathon for the first time in four years. The long hiatus was due to a maddening series of overuse injuries that included a recurring case of hip flexor tendonitis, calf strains and Achilles tendinosis, and topping them all, a three-year battle with patellofemoral pain syndrome (a.k.a. runner’s knee). During most of the four years between marathons I doubted I would ever again be able to train at a high level in this discipline, and indeed I “quit” running in despair at least half a dozen times.

What got me over the hump? It was not a single, all-encompassing cure. Instead, I simply tried everything and found that although most measures were dead ends, each of five distinct measures helped a little. When I finally got to the point where I was implementing all of them together (having discarded the various dead ends), I was once again able to run as much and as hard as I wanted to.

Since injuries affect most runners, I would like to take this opportunity to share with you the four pieces of the injury-beating puzzle I put together, in hopes that this information will enable you to avoid and overcome your own breakdowns.

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