The Four Best Types Of Massage For Runners

Misconceptions And Things To Watch Out For

Keeping the above guidelines in mind, here are a few common mistakes runners make with massage:

* Not drinking enough water. Drink lots of water after the session to help flush out some of the toxins and waste products that were released from the muscles. Some people have reported getting sick after hard massage sessions. Generally, this means the muscles released a lot of toxins. Drinking lots of water will clear them out.

* Massage has to hurt. Massage doesn’t have to hurt to be effective. While working on a tight, troubled area will certainly cause some discomfort, it shouldn’t leave bruising or cause you to jump off the table. If you do find yourself consistently bruised after massage sessions, your therapist may be going too hard.

It takes time to recover and not feel lethargic after a hard massage. If your legs feel a little dead the next day, that’s OK. This is why it’s important to schedule at least one easy day between a hard massage and a hard workout.

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