Dallas Marathon Expo Vendors May Get Refund

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But runners won’t for the cancelled race.

Due to the horrendous weather conditions in Dallas last weekend, officials were forced to cancel the Dallas Marathon.

For runners, this was especially bad news in that they won’t receive a refund. However, vendors who sold merchandise at the race’s expo may get something back.

Greg Miller, a spokesman for the race, said that a vendor refund is being considered but is not for certain.

Approximately 100 vendors signed up for Friday and Saturday’s expo.

“Losing $1,500 is totally a bigger hit than I can absorb,” wrote one operator, Julie Tuchscher, to the marathon staff.

Tuchscher sells sports glasses and paid $1440 for a 10-foot-by-10-foot space. She also had to pay $85 for liability insurance. She has worked the Dallas Marathon for the past seven or eight years.

“The independent guys that showed up on time ready for business should be taken care of,” she said.

“The marathon staff is working with the Expo vendors on what would be agreeable for this year and the future,” Miller said.

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