Designer Creates 3D-Printed Running Shoe


They heal themselves.

Shoe fans take note: this new invention may be for you. According to a post on the The Verge, London-based designer and researcher Shamees Aden has developed a 3D-printable trainer out of  synthetic biological material, which means it can repair itself overnight.

Aden has been working with University of Southern Denmark professor Martin Hanczyc on the concept, which focuses on science of protocells.

The cells aren’t alive, but can be combined to create living organisms. “The cells have the capability to inflate and deflate and to respond to pressure,” Aden says. “As you’re running on different grounds and textures it’s able to inflate or deflate depending on the pressure you put onto it and could help support you as a runner.”

Following a workout, the runner would dip the shoes into a living liquid protocol, which acts as a reviver.

Aden says the technology is nearly there and that shoes could become available by 2050.

For More: The Verge

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