Getting To Know The Real Mo Farah

Mo Farah will return to the track this weekend in Portland. Photo:

The Olympic medalist opens up about a variety of topics.

Most people know about Mo Farah the fierce competitor who has two Olympic gold medals to show for his efforts. But The Guardian recently sat down with the British distance runner to ask him more personal questions.

In the interview, Farah says that the last time he cried was when he saw his twin girls, Aisha and Amani, being born.

“I also cried when I saw my twin brother Hassan for the first time in 12¬†years,” he said. “It feels like my life is full of twins and doubles.”

Farah also admits that he runs every day–even on Christmas.

“I train every day, no matter what,” he admits. “Running was a hobby that became my job. I wake up and run in the same way other people wake up and work. But I still love it.”

And even though Farah has become a professional distance runner, he says his original dream occupation he had as a child was to become a car mechanic.

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