Is Running Backwards The New Fitness Trend?

Studies suggest it’s actually good for you.

The Guardian’s Matthew Jenkin has penned an interesting column about the latest fitness craze: backwards running.

Jenkin discovered the technique after talking with a friend who witnessed 80-year-olds practicing it in China.

It piqued his interest and led him to explore the possible health benefits.

Professor Barry Bates has researched backwards running and contends that it helps you maintain a more upright posture and is better on your knees.

The findings of two studies were published in 2011 and state that running backwards entails less pounding.

“It is a great way to cool down; it helps improve balance and promotes better neuromuscular efficiency,” says performance analyst Mitchell Phillips. “It is the perfect remedy to help cure the frequent deficiency between anterior and posterior chain muscle groups – the hamstrings/calves and quads.”

Jenkin writes that developing the right technique of backwards running is key to avoid injury.

For More: The Guardian

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