Meet The Surprise Winner Of The Country’s Oldest Ultra

Zach Miller came from nowhere to win the JFK 50-Mile race.

Deadspin recently caught up with 25-year-old Zach Miller.

In case you haven’t heard of him, that’s OK because until he won the arduous JFK 50-Mile race last month, not many people in the ultra running community knew who he was either.

Miller works on a cruise ship, and just a month before the decided to race the nation’s oldest ultra — a race he hadn’t even heard of until then.

The JFK race director said that Miller’s race was the “the greatest performance” in the event’s long history.

Miller is already forward to making a mark in the sport now that he’s a known competitor. “It’s more about competing at a high level and seeing how fast I can go,” he said. “I have been invited to the Ultra Race Of Champions (UROC) race for 2014. I am looking at doing that race, as well as the Pikes Peak Marathon.”

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