Moving Essays Allow Runners Entry Into Boston 2014


Over 1,000 people applied to run the 2014 edition of the marathon.

Last month, officials with the Boston Athletic Association, the governing body of the Boston Marathon, announced they would accept essays from people who were “personally and profoundly” impacted by the bombings that struck at the finish line of the race this year.

Accordingly, hundreds of selected runners would be allowed to run the 2014 edition of the race even if they hadn’t met the rigorous qualifying standards.

The Boston Globe reports that the B.A.A. received nearly 1,200 essays and a select committee struggled to decide who could get in.

“The overwhelming majority gave very compelling, very heartfelt descriptions of their experiences, and we tried our best to include people who were at the finish line, who provided care to the victims, and who served as first responders,” said Kevin Brill, one of the reviewers. “It was extremely difficult to make a determination in many cases, as it was inherently a subjective process.”

For More: The Boston Globe

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