New ‘Smart Shoe’ To Ward Off Injury


It provides real-time biometric data to your smartphone.

Take note running geeks, this shoe may be for you.

According to a Financial Express story, researchers have developed a high-tech running shoe that can monitor running form and provides warnings about overtraining.

The prototype was developed by Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems IPMS in Germany.

The shoe contains sensors in the sole that monitor biometric data real time.

“Pulse-rate watches and chest straps record only vital signs like breathing and heart rate,” said IPMS scientist Dr Andreas Heinig. “In contrast, our running shoe medically evaluates and monitors training while jogging.

“It informs the runner for example of incorrect foot position, asymmetric loading, or warns of exhaustion or overload. There has never been a comparable device before.”

The shoe also has a GPS sensor that can communicate to the runner’s smartphone. An app then quickly evaluates all the data and provides updates to the runner.

For More: Financial Express

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