XC Runner Overcomes Rare Bone Infection

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He took second at the state meet after nearly dying.

Cody Jones is a high school sophomore in Jenks High School in the Tulsa, Oklahoma region. Tulsa World recently named him as their “runner of the year” for his triumph over adversity.

Jones, who was runner-up in the Class 6A state meet last year as a freshman, suffered from a rare bone infection that puzzled doctors.

After an amazing recovery from the infection, he went on to win five races and place second in the state meet with a 15:41 5K.

“I was in the hospital for three months, from Jan. 11 through April 11, so I was just happy to be running again,” Jones said. “I was really happy with how I did, considering I had a 20 percent chance of living.”

Jones thought he may never run again.

“I didn’t even know if I was going to have another day,” he admitted. “My surgery was scheduled for 8 in the morning on a Thursday, and my doctor, Dr. [James] Slater at Tulsa Bone & Joint, said that I needed to do it Wednesday night. They did the surgery at midnight, and he said, ‘If we had waited until the morning, you wouldn’t have made it.’”

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